Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skin is In


11 Things I Learned at the Nudist Resort

# Being naked in public is surprisingly complicated. For instance, if you normally keep your keys or phone in your pocket, where do you keep them if you’re not wearing pants?

# Although there are a few resorts such as Hedonism in Jamaica that court swingers and promote promiscuity, most US nudist resorts actively seek to break the American culture’s unfortunate link between nudity and sexuality. In American movies, magazines, and TV shows, nudity or even partial nudity (skimpy outfits and bikinis) are almost always used for sex appeal. In many other cultures, nudity is no big deal and not necessarily considered sexual.

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The Bare Pit by Noodtoonist

Nudism could come to Faro’s Ilha Deserta this summer


The Algarve was the first region in Portugal to have a legal nudist beach, Praia do Barril on Tavira Island.

By the end of last year, Portugal had six legal nudist beaches, all of which were south of the Tagus River, and one campsite for nudists.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Day at the Nude Beach

Every winter, many of us in New England think often about warm weather getaways And which word can conjure up the most vivid memories and warmth?

How about Florida, beach, and "clothing optional." OK, more than a few words but you get the point.

Haulover Beach is the holy grail to nudists around the world. It makes every list when writers and nudists compile information about the greatest clothing optional beaches you can find in the world. We recently enjoyed a visit to this beach of all beaches in Bal Harbour Florida.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Doctors -The Naked Truth about Your Health

It’s time to get comfortable in your own skin and uncover the truth about your body. Learn the risks and benefits of hot tub skinny dipping, take a peak into the lifestyle of a nudist couple and discover which foods help you look better naked!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nude Beaches: Resources and Info

But what of the areas that are already legally considered to be safe for topless and nude activity? Which of those topless and nude beaches tend to be receiving the most praise? Up until 2006, used to give an annual list of top topless beaches. While a little dated, their list still holds merit. (Black's Beach is an exception to the list; it faces the same problems as the previously mentioned Trail 6.) Tom Johansmeyer over at Gadling also ventured a list of five top nude beaches back in 2009. But for those who want more detailed information about the world's topless and nude beaches, here are some solid resources:

• Kept relatively up-to-date, this site offers an extensive look at the world's clothing-optional beaches. The site owners focus on publicly accessible beaches only, shying away from private nudist resorts and retreats. They also do their best to verify that the beaches are indeed legal for nude activity. Users are able to submit additional beaches that meet the site's criteria. The nude beach listings include links to maps, neighboring towns and cities, hotels, and additional beach information.

• Although not as organized as, this site still has pertinent information about nude beaches around the world. Beaches can be found using their world map or their more localized maps. Click on a red dot on the map to open a page with more information about the beach. Some of the information may be a little outdated, however.

• Wikipedia – Social Nudity Places in North America and Wikipedia – Social Nudity Places in South America: Since anyone can edit Wikipedia, you should be sure to do additional research on any particular location. Still, this is a good jumping off point.

• – Top five tips for newbies visiting nude beaches: Tom Johansmeyer reviews nudist etiquette and things you should bring if you're new to spending time on a nude beach.

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10 Best places to get naked in 2011

From the Times of India:

The list by global hotel rating website HotelsCombined has also listed some nude outdoor activities, an art festival, a bike ride in the buff, and spa treatments or hot springs, News reported.

First on the list is the World Naked Bike Ride, which is held annually on March 12 in cities around the world. People hop on their bikes naked to celebrate cycling and the naked body.

Second is the Naked Hot Springs Bathing in Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, Toyko, Japan, where tourists are able to strip off and soak in onsen - natural mineral-rich hot springs - as part of the Japanese tradition.

Thirdly, if you want to awaken your senses, all you need to do is go for Naked Spa Treatments in Ayana Resort Bali and Spa, Indonesia where indulgent therapies will leave you refreshed.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Artist paints women like they really are — imperfect and beautiful

“She’s a prolific artist, with remarkable skill and an exceptional talent for rendering human flesh and form,” said gallery owner Audrey Anastasi. “This series epitomizes both the tenderness and power of her vision.”

The name of the show — “Radical Acceptance” — was inspired by something said by one of Haynes’s models.

“It can refer to people looking at the art — it’s radical to accept something you’re not used to seeing,” said Haynes, referring to the non-airbrushed, typically older representations of the female body. “But it’s really about the models. It’s radical to realize you can change your feelings about your body and become powerful in your body.”

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Why one woman rower stripped off with her five-man crew to break a world record

Sometimes it's just practical to be naked, no big shame in that.


‘The blisters and sores on our backsides were bad and becoming infected. The only way we could treat them and continue rowing was to expose them to nature’s own remedy, sun and air.

‘It did mean that at times we had to row naked but if that was what was required to break the world record, then there was no choice. I decided to strip naked on day three or four because I had some big sores on my bottom and just thought I had to do it. My crew had stripped off the day before and were just getting on with it.

‘Being the fastest ever rowers across the Atlantic was all that mattered,’ said the former Great Britain rower.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 'Working Naked Day'!

If you thought those late-January days on the calendar were bare, then Feb. 1 is the full Monty. Today, in case you weren't aware, is now officially known as "Working Naked Day."

With more Americans working from home, the need for a spiffy new business suit has fallen the way of job benefits and co-workers you can complain to each day about your spouse, your kids and your neighbors.

There is one big benefit to working from your kitchen table or living room couch: You can wear whatever you want ... or nothing at all.

That's what inspired Dallas business consultant Lisa Kanarek to create a holiday in 2010 where home-bound workers can drop trou and celebrate.

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