Friday, April 3, 2015

Will be taking a break for a while

As long as people use nudity censoring services such as Facebook, Instagram, and others I see a puritan mindset being set in, people are being brainwashed backwards from our sexual liberation in the 60's. Of course many reject this censorship, and continue to live naturally, without the religious body hatred which is taught, we aren't born hating our bodies. I may take a break because of this overwhelming censorship which continues from Facebook headquarters and is really hurting the nudist movement in the US. Wake me up when this nightmare of regression is over, then I'll blog here again. Keep the dream of a mature, nude friendly society alive. Dreamers took us to the moon, we can do this.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nude Beach Weddings at Haulover Beach Florida

Guest blog by: Monique N. Gilbert

The beach has been a constant in my life. Being from Miami, it is where I grew up, where I met my husband, where I fell in love, and where I currently work. I officiate weddings on Miami Beach.

I have also been a lifelong nudist. When I was little, I was always running around the house naked. When I would come home from school as a kid, the first thing I would do is take off all my clothes and run out to the pool area to swim nude.

I remember going to beach with my parents as a little kid, and I couldn’t understand why they said I had to wear a bathing suit – I didn’t have to at home. To their dismay, I would be running around the beach topless with my swimsuit top in hand shouting to them “I got my top!” In fact, you would sooner find me wearing it as a headband than a top.

Later I learned that being nude in public was frowned upon, even though it was perfectly acceptable in private. This was the case for many years, until Haulover Beach designated a clothing-optional section in 1991, thanks to South Florida Free Beaches.

This was monumental – a county park establishing a legally sanctioned section of the beach for naturists to enjoy the sun and surf. Going there was so refreshing and liberating. It was the first time I was able to go out in public and be nude without feeling like I was doing something wrong.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

This Is the Nudist Colony That Got a Downton Shout-Out

The Moonella Group was a real thing

It’s such a brief aside that Downton Abbey viewers might even not notice it — except that the subject matter is so out of character for the show. Yes, in the episode that aired Feb. 1 in the U.S., a nudist colony is the subject of conversation.

The Essex-based colony, known as the Moonella Group was — as we’ve come to expect from Downton — an actual thing. As The Telegraph explained in a 2006 look at the history of naked Britons, the Moonella Group was the first club to bring nudism (also known as naturism) over to the U.K. from the Continent, which it did in the years following World War I.

The modern British Naturism organization elaborates in its own history of the movement, Moonella was the code-name of the club member who owned the property where the camp was established. He or she invited some elite members of the New Gymnosophy Society to use the groups for their naturist needs, as long as they followed certain rules of decorum.

According to British Naturism, the original Moonella Group site only lasted a year or so. But, as TIME reported in July of 1929, nudism wasn’t going away any time soon — even if it faded from the public eye for a while:

Made in Germany, imported to France, is the cult of Nudism, a mulligan stew of vegetarianism, physical culture and pagan worship. The outstanding feature is that all devotees must live in a state of complete spectacular nudity. Much publicity has been given the Nudist colony on an island in the Seine near Paris. Lively have been their arguments, moral, economic, religious, with Prefect of Police Jean Chiappe over the matter of bathing trunks. Some weeks ago a young French reporter paid a secret visit to the Nudist colony. So depressing, so disillusioning was his published account of the flabby spectacle that the romantic French press and public lost interest in the entire business.

Read a 2003 story about modern nudists, here in the TIME Vault: Nude Family Values


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

World’s best nudist resorts

Ditch your clothes and leave your inhibitions at home; we’re heading to the world’s best nudist resorts for some fun in the sun. Love them or loathe them, “clothing-optional” resorts lay claim to some of the best beaches on earth. So, forget your excess baggage; the only clothing you need for this holiday is your birthday suit.

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8 Nudist Resorts You Kinda Have To Visit

A nudist, or naturist, lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but those who practice it swear it's liberating practice. So, if stripping down and skinny-dipping is your cup of tea, check out these eleven resorts where you can feel free to bare it all.

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