Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tambaba - A Brazilian Nude Beach

Excellent. A Guide to Tambaba and region. Spoken in Portuguese, subtitles in English.


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  1. Suspicion and intolerance, as naturists philosophy!
    As a divorced French man, a well-respected film director, coming to Brazil for holidays to change my ideas, I found my entrance refused to the Naturist area of Tambaba.
    Accustomed to naturists resorts all my life, I had not known this in any other country before.
    I wrote to ask for clarification, and they confirmed proudly there was no actual law in Brazil, just their own imposed intolerance of men.
    If one decides to impose such anti-natural laws, one should at least be apologetic, not proud.
    Upon my questioning this strange form of 'openness' (every other country seems to cohabite fine with everyone) my posts were then deleted, and my account blocked from posting on their facebook page.

    This is absolutely shameful reaction to a genuine questioning, from people who obviously perpetuate false ideals of 'tolerance', and hypocrisy.
    The ONLY place in Brazil where I was not welcome, and felt disdain was in a place of so-called 'openness', and natural values.
    No wonder with such ‘values’ that ‘naturism’ is so berated in Brazil.
    They bring it on themselves.


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