Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I Want To Be A Nudist

I’ve been thinking lately about coming a nudist. Before you start
flipping out or thinking this is just another attention seeking blog
post topic that my heart isn’t really behind, hear me out. Nudism has
lots of benefits:

(1) It was God’s original plan. Yep,  it’s a known fact that he didn’t
clothe Adam and Eve until after they had sinned. God’s original plan
was for us to live an agricultural lifestyle, tending the Garden, sans
any pesky hindrances like clothes. I’m already a gardener, so I feel
like the only thing holding me back from God is my Old Navy skinny
jeans in True Denim. (My sister would agree, as she hates skinny

(2) Nudism increases vitamin D exposure. I am vehemently opposed to
sunscreen (unless I happen to get dropped near the equator in January
without any prior sun exposure) because it limits your intake of
vitamin D. Research is now linking lack of vitamin D (particularly in
childhood) to all sorts of things, including multiple sclerosis. It
only makes sense that the more skin exposed to the air, the more
vitamin D your body will absorb.

(3) Practicing nudism puts you in a small, but very close knit
community. A community that has its own restaurants, subdivisions, and
family resorts. It is like a whole extended family you never knew you

(4) I think we wear clothes because we have oversexualized our
culture. Everything is about sex, but if everyone were naked, things
would be different. We would become so accustomed to the sight, we
would be less concerned with getting people to take their clothes off.
In fact, we might be asking people to put their clothes on which would
be a welcome change of pace, don’t you think?

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Private Parts"

A thoughtful post on private parts, and how to see them in a non-sexual way.

My thought pattern is this: if naturists feel that the human body is natural and beautiful, then why are we still labeling certain parts of the body as unclean or sexual. I know that's not really what we're trying to do, it's not even what we say out loud, it's just a common idea among the naturist crowd to suggest that a clear view of a woman's genitals is sexual. I disagree and say that as true nudists and naturists we should respect, admire, and accept every body part for the natural and wonderful beauty they possess. Overweight, underweight, tall, short, round, pear, thin, etc. Everybody is beautiful no matter what we've been given, and every part of our body is wonderful and not sexual until we use it as such, regardless of how we choose to expose it.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top 10 Places to Get Naked

Made a New Year's resolution to do something out of the norm this year? Feel the need to do something fun outside that rigid 9-to-5 job? Perhaps it's time to hang up your workaday rags and just let it all hang out? To help individuals get their kit off in 2011, has cheekily revealed the top 10 clothing-optional places to shed your inhibition and show some skin -- just don't forget the sunscreen! Names the Top 10 Places to Get Naked

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Naturist fights for the right to bare all

An avowed naturist hopes to establish a right to public nudity next week – regardless of whether it’s an opportune time of year to exercise it.

Brian Coldin, the owner of a nude resort in Barrie, Ont., intends to argue that a 80-year-old prohibition against public nudity impedes a perfectly harmless form of self-expression.

“It’s the way we were born,” Mr. Coldin said in an interview Monday. “I think this is totally unjust.”

Lawyers for Mr. Coldin assert that Canadians have come a long way since the laws were enacted in the 1930s. Not everyone is inclined to toss his or her own clothes aside, but most are quite prepared to see their friends and neighbours do so, they said.

“Canadians show significant tolerance for nudity and partial nudity, as evidenced by the proliferation of nude beaches, nudity on television and survey results that suggest that a significant number of Canadians have naturist tendencies,” lawyers Clayton Ruby and Nader Hassan said in a legal brief.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Naked at Home For a Week

Most people wake up in the morning and get dressed. Last week, I agreed to hop out of bed and not get dressed. I called it Naked Week.

I believe that a lot of things are better without clothes: Bubble baths, swimming under the stars, frolicking between the sheets. When it's time to cook dinner, scrub the tub or watch "The Big Bang Theory," I prefer to be wearing clothes.

I agreed to take it all off for a week in the name of journalism. At first, I was going to pass on the assignment. I had all sorts of excuses: How will I walk the dogs? What if the UPS man knocks on the door? It's too cold to be naked!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Capturing natural beauty

Local artist Helen Gotlib’s still lives and figurative drawings, paintings and etchings capture natural beauty, whether she is depicting the curves and wrinkles on a nude model or drawing the lines of a wilting flower onto one of her botanicals.
The artist has been creating portraits of nude females the longest. During her time as a artist in residence at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California (in 2004 and 2005) she traveled around to different artists’ studios throughout the week to draw live nude models. Sometimes every day.

“The way real people look is beautiful to me, and that’s what I hope to convey," Gotlib says. PhotoShopped bodies with unnatural proportions that wouldn't work in the real world look strange to her. She thinks the natural curves found on real women’s bodies are “the lines I like to draw,” Gotlib says. “In fact, the way I draw sometimes puts extra weight on the body and makes them curvier than they actually are.”
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