Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I Want To Be A Nudist

I’ve been thinking lately about coming a nudist. Before you start
flipping out or thinking this is just another attention seeking blog
post topic that my heart isn’t really behind, hear me out. Nudism has
lots of benefits:

(1) It was God’s original plan. Yep,  it’s a known fact that he didn’t
clothe Adam and Eve until after they had sinned. God’s original plan
was for us to live an agricultural lifestyle, tending the Garden, sans
any pesky hindrances like clothes. I’m already a gardener, so I feel
like the only thing holding me back from God is my Old Navy skinny
jeans in True Denim. (My sister would agree, as she hates skinny

(2) Nudism increases vitamin D exposure. I am vehemently opposed to
sunscreen (unless I happen to get dropped near the equator in January
without any prior sun exposure) because it limits your intake of
vitamin D. Research is now linking lack of vitamin D (particularly in
childhood) to all sorts of things, including multiple sclerosis. It
only makes sense that the more skin exposed to the air, the more
vitamin D your body will absorb.

(3) Practicing nudism puts you in a small, but very close knit
community. A community that has its own restaurants, subdivisions, and
family resorts. It is like a whole extended family you never knew you

(4) I think we wear clothes because we have oversexualized our
culture. Everything is about sex, but if everyone were naked, things
would be different. We would become so accustomed to the sight, we
would be less concerned with getting people to take their clothes off.
In fact, we might be asking people to put their clothes on which would
be a welcome change of pace, don’t you think?

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