Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gunnison Beach – Sandy Hook Nude Beach In New Jersey

Gunnison Beach NJ - When New Jersey Senate Bill 1912 effectively outlawed nudity on the state’s public beaches in 1999, nude beach fans in the tri-state area were dealt a significant blow.

One notable exception to the law, however, was Gunnison Beach. Located on the Sandy Hook peninsula just a few miles south of New York City, Gunnison Beach is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area – which is owned and operated by the National Park Service. Since it is generally legal to be nude on federal land, Gunnison was spared from S.B. 1912’s effects.

Gunnison Beach is officially divided into two areas – clothed on the northern half and clothing-optional on the southern half (it’s probably a surprise to no one that the clothing-optional side is far more popular). The clothing-optional side is further subdivided (unofficially) into a straight area and a gay area (at the southernmost end of the beach). On any given sunny summer weekend, 3,000 or more bathers can be found on Gunnison Beach.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

When a woman goes topless

If you've ever been to New York in the summer, you'll know the meaning of "hot and bothered".

As the temperatures climb towards 40, the pavement radiates great whorls of heat haze, and car and air-con exhausts clog the air, it's unbearable.

As your bra becomes a puddle and your outfit affects all the fashionable insouciance of a used tissue, you may find yourself longing to tear your top off - as many men do in such weather - and feel the breeze.

Which is precisely what one woman has been doing during the current east coast heat wave, because it's perfectly legal to do so.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

ESPN The Magazine Body Issue

It's okay to stare. That's what The Body Issue is here for. Each year, we stop to admire the vast potential of the human form. To unapologetically stand in awe of the athletes who've pushed their physiques to profound frontiers. To imagine how it would feel to inhabit those bodies, to leap and punch and throw like a god. To ... well, gawk. So go ahead; join us.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Top 10 reasons to be a nudist

Practicing nudism is often misunderstood and misinterpreted by many. However, there are in fact many benefits for being a nudist. An educated understanding and an open mind will unveil the many reasons why people choose to become nudists.

1. The human body is demystified.
Often, we feel intrigued about naked bodies because they are hidden. However, sometimes we fail to understand that human body is not something so secretive that we can only look at it with immense curiosity, and sometimes even a sense of guilt. Being a nudist will familiarize us with naked bodies, allowing us to understand that they are not taboos.

2. An individual will feel more comfortable in her own skin.
Although being comfortable in one’s own skin seems to be a cliche, being a nudist will help us feel more at ease when facing our own body. Under the influence of media, we tend to be overly critical of our body and we try to hide our physical “flaws” with clothes. As such, being a nudist will give us an opportunity to accept our body as it is.

3. Skinny dipping is more fun!
Swimming nude is simply more fun because water feels better on bare skin than on a layer of tight swimsuit.

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Nudism: Stripping Down Without The Tease

Think of it as a reverse striptease. Nudity isn’t the best part of a classic striptease, it’s actually the signal that the show is over. It’s all about getting there, the hint, the suggestion, the tease.

As long as she was nude, Bikini Barbie wasn’t on display, and she wasn’t putting on a show. Bikini Barbie was just there.

It wasn’t until she strapped on her spiked heels and poured herself into a bikini that was briefer and more revealing than anything that a nice girl would let herself be seen in that I needed to retreat to the privacy of my room.

It doesn’t take much time around a swimming pool to realize that nudity without the tease isn’t sexy, it’s just nudism.

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