Friday, July 6, 2012

Nudism: Stripping Down Without The Tease

Think of it as a reverse striptease. Nudity isn’t the best part of a classic striptease, it’s actually the signal that the show is over. It’s all about getting there, the hint, the suggestion, the tease.

As long as she was nude, Bikini Barbie wasn’t on display, and she wasn’t putting on a show. Bikini Barbie was just there.

It wasn’t until she strapped on her spiked heels and poured herself into a bikini that was briefer and more revealing than anything that a nice girl would let herself be seen in that I needed to retreat to the privacy of my room.

It doesn’t take much time around a swimming pool to realize that nudity without the tease isn’t sexy, it’s just nudism.

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