Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Topless may not be pretty but it's right

TORONTO - As far as protests go, the Go Topless one in Toronto last Sunday was in character for the sort of stories that take root in midsummer.

One of the co-ordinators for the Go Topless gesture that had some eyes popping in Toronto was Diane Brisebois. And she is perfectly correct when she says society tends to discriminate by shrugging when men go topless in public, and getting flustered and indignant when women do the same thing.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hippie Hollow

Situated on 109 peaceful acres, Hippie Hollow is a clothing optional park securely nestled in the natural beauty of the Hill County of Lake Travis, only 20 minutes off Interstate 35, but a world away from the bustle of nearby Austin, a haven for those who wish to escape the rigors of modern life in a safe and comfortable nudist atmosphere. Hippie Hollow is internationally popular for sunbathing and swimming, welcoming visitors from all over the world.

If you have never tried nude recreation, you are in for the most enjoyable experience of your life. If you are already a nudist, Hippie Hollow will be one of your favorite spots in Texas, after one visit here.

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Would you pose for a nude portrait?

I did at 45... and it was one of the unexpectedly liberating experience of my life

Alan seemed a pleasant enough chap. I had known him for precisely 25 minutes when I took all my clothes off in his house and stood in front of him entirely naked. He gazed at my body in frank assessment, as I had known he would.

‘So,’ I said, a touch over-brightly, ‘what are we going to do first?’ Before you dismiss me as a shameless hussy, let me assure you it really isn’t what you think — I am about to become one of an increasing number of women who pose for a nude portrait.

As I stood before Alan, it became apparent that no matter how interested you are in the idea of portraiture in general and nudes in particular, how chilled you are about your physical self and how confident you are in the skill of your chosen artist, the point where you get naked in front of a near-stranger is one of those through-the-looking-glass moments.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anne Hathaway: ‘It’s Easy Getting Naked’

ANNE Hathaway says it’s easier getting naked on screen than mastering a British accent.

The American actress plays a Yorkshire girl Emma in her new movie One Day but the 28-year-old star insists she was more comfortable stripping off for a skinny dipping scene with her costar Jim Sturgess than speaking in her character’s regional dialect.

“I was more nervous about the accent than nudity,” Anne said.

“I mean, you can do sit-ups as prep for the nudity. But there aren’t a lot of vocal sit-ups that you can do. Maybe it’s because I have more experience in my life being naked than pretending to be British.

“So I got more comfortable quickly with the nudity than I did with the accent.”

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Where Are The Naturist Females?

If a female can sunbathe topless in the local park walk down the street wearing whatever she chooses to wear, without being harassed or thought of as a bad person (slut or worse!), more are likely to do the same. If she is seen only as a sex object, then there is every need for her to cover up for safety. If you see a topless girl in the park, leave her be, let her enjoy herself, walk away and enjoy the glimpse of happiness. She does not want to talk to you, nor does she need help in understand whether what she is doing is right or wrong. It is natural and allow her the freedom to do it.

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The Purpose of National Go Topless Day

Breasts of every size, shape, color and even age were exposed in City Plaza Sunday, not to promote sexuality, but to promote equality.

It was National "Go Topless" Day and friends Meagan Fischer and Rain Scher gathered among others at 2 p.m. to celebrate and encourage support for fellow women and men who opted to remove their garments in honor of the day.

"We want to help create a culture where women's bodies and all of our bodies can be celebrated and respected," said Fischer, a 21-year-old Chico State student.


"It's not for just today," Scher said. "Today is just the national day to celebrate altogether across the country, but our point is to normalize it, to make it an everyday thing where it's not a big deal ever anymore."


Monday, August 22, 2011

Protesters Go Topless at Venice Beach


How puritanism spreads and fails

Americans use shame primarily to get others feeling hatred, fear, or disgust of the human body. Another more direct form is scorn or anger, this sometimes results in bad outcomes for those simply wanting to enjoy how they we came into this world, nude.

We in the U.S. would be wise to look to Europe in how they have long appreciated the human body as a God given gift, a high art form, and a normal part of daily living.

American's minds are in the gutter, they can only see the body as dirty, shameful, something to hide, something outrageous, and yet the porn industry and hollywood feed hardcore sex all the time to these ridiculous hypocrites. Luckily they are becoming the minority as modern European attitudes trump these antiquated ways of the 1600's.

Friday, August 19, 2011

San Francisco's Nude Beaches

NUDE BEACHES A few snippets from the year in nude beaches: TV installer Paul Jung enjoyed playing nude volleyball on the north end of Baker Beach. Stinson Beach local and attorney-teacher Fred Jaggi preferred to be naked while tossing a Frisbee on Red Rock Beach in the North Bay. And when he wasn't busy representing an area that stretches from Tomales south to Muir Beach and as far east as Novato, Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey could sometimes be found without a stitch of clothing at a beach in Point Reyes National Seashore.

They'll be able to continue enjoying their favorite clothing-optional spots. Unfortunately, that's not the case for all Californians.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

National "Go Topless Day": Sunday, August 21st, 2011

National "Go Topless Day" for women is coming! Sunday, August 21st is a chance for women everywhere to "bare" their souls if they choose, and strut their stuff topless. Is this a good idea or just an attention getter?

This event is being held in cities across America for women who believe that they have the right to be outside topless on a hot day, just as men can do.


Surprisingly many people may not know, but it is legal in many cities across the USA for women to go topless if they choose to. Austin, Texas, New York City, Asheville, North Carolina and Washington, DC already have passed laws for women to be legally topless.

Cities that will participating in this event include Chicago, Honolulu, and Los Angeles (Venice Beach).

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Visit Go Topless

Does National Geographic still show nude Africans?

yes they do


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SlutWalk held in Germany to promote gender equality and fight intolerance

(CBS) - They're calling it a SlutWalk. You read it right. This isn't your grandmother's charity walk.

Hundreds gathered in Germany's capital of Berlin as part of an unorthodox movement that's been sweeping the globe.

Protesters took to the streets scantily dressed (some even topless) in an effort to stand up against sexism and raise attention to the rights of victims of sexual violence.

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Naturism Is More Than Nudity

There is something about baring it all, baring one’s soul that is liberating. If once really listens to the inner voices that show up in the outer world as feelings and emotions, then life somehow begins to make more sense and one feels more connected with life. Strange how it is through the outer world that one finds a way to an rich inner world in which long hidden questions and answers begin to

So, how does this work in terms of naturism? Well, naturism is only one of the many paths one can follow to find this inner world. With naturism, there is a rediscovery of the body and all of its hidden parts, denied parts. To be able to really look at one’s own body seeing the few (or more) extra pounds, the skin blemishes, the imperfection in terms of body symmetry and then accept these things as okay is a good start. However, one must be careful not to fall into a
trap of focusing on the external body.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vita Nuda

Vita Nuda (latin for 'new nude life') is a network of young adult nudists that was formed in 2007 from an idea that emerged during that summer's AANR Youth Ambassadors Program. What started out as a simple idea became the spark that would grow into the young adult nudist movement that has swept across America now involving various groups and over 1,000 young adult nudists all around the world!!

The goal of Vita Nuda is to support and grow 'The Nude Revolution'. We do this through hosting events, social networking, creating educational videos, making cool shirts and helping others to start up groups of their own (links to the right).

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come."
~Victor Hugo

Join the Nude Revolution!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nudism Becomes Increasingly Popular in Greece

In Greece, nudism is becoming more acceptable than previous decades.

The majority of people seem to consider nudism acceptable, however there is still negative attitude and conservatism towards the it in comparison with other countries.

For example, on the island of Kimolos the Municipality decided to prohibit nudism in all the beaches of the island. On the other hand, nudism has become increasingly popular among younger generations.

Nudism is not be related to exhibitionism, or to the search for a sexual partner, as it is considered as an ideology regarding self esteem, freedom of expression, real contact with nature and nature worship.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Cape nudist resort will be ‘high-class’

South Africa

Nudists have frequented Sandy Bay near Llandudno for years, but Voster, a naturist, says Cape Town is “screaming” for this type of resort.

Similar spas exist in Gauteng, North West and Limpopo.

He has teamed up with British couple Mark and Samantha Taylor, who have a similar resort, Vassaliki Naturist Club, in Greece.

The Vasnat South Africa Naturist Spa website shows a woman perched against a rock tanning au naturel. Also in the picture are an elephant and a lion, set against a backdrop of ocean and mountain.

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California beach at center of fight over nudism

SAN DIEGO — Gold Beach, where generations of Marines have trained for amphibious assaults, is now the scene of another kind of battle.

The strip of sand on Camp Pendleton is the latest flash point between nudists and California state park rangers — with Marines caught in the crossfire.

The nudists say zealous state park rangers have followed them onto the federal property in an effort to cite them for violating the state's cover-up laws.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hundreds bare it all at Nudestock


"I'm 68. I'll be 69 next month," said Curt Maloy.

"I'm 58 I'll be 59 next month. So going in the nude makes us younger!" said Molly Maloy.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Beating the heat by taking it all off: nudists keep cool in summer heat


Market Opportunity: Nakationing is Growing Industry

Nude recreation and nude travel has grown into a $400 million global industry, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) reports, suggesting solid market demand. And, the AANR says,  it has nearly 50,000 members and 270 clothes-free and clothing-optional resorts, clubs and RV campgrounds throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean that are continuing to welcome new members of varying ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Nude recreation, or Nakation, is more popular than ever, says Trip Advisor, citing a new survey, released by Trip Advisor in its  2011 “nude beach survey results.” The survey reveals that  nearly half of Americans (49%) would bare it all at a nude beach (up from 48% in 2010, and 31% in 2009). Thirty two percent of respondents indicated they would not, while 19 percent remain on the fence about taking the skinny dip plunge, Trip Advisor says.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Male Nudity in Film

Sadly, American male full-frontals are usually meant to shock or elicit giggles, when Europe seems to just shrug a shoulder? Actors like Ewan McGregor, whose peen appears in, Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Pillow Book and Young Adam, and Geoffrey Rush (Quills) have yet to balk at showing there bits off casually, however every time an American does it there is either tons of controversy surrounding the act, such as Vincent Gallo in Brown Bunny or Bruce Willis in Color of Night, (and it’s always disappointing) or it’s Jason Segal getting broken up with at his most vulnerable in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

That latter example was a brave display, however the subtext is missed by half because the situation is just too goofy. Both Richard Gere (American Gigolo) and Peter Sarsgaard (Kinsey) appear naked in American studio films with almost French-like casualness, however it’s still rare to see that in more than a handful of films a year. This is just ridiculous considering the amount of full-frontal nudity scenes actresses appear in just to garner attention from studios. As a woman I see no problem with visible bush in my films, I just wish the stigma surrounding male reciprocation wasn’t just so childish.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's get naked! We dare to bare...

When it comes to bare beaches, Spain was one of Europe’s late starters, introducing its first one in 1979. But according to nudists' bible, The World Guide to Bare Beaches, Spain is “now amongst the most enthusiastic and progressive advocates of the bare beach lifestyle”.

Even in a nation as prudish as the UK, stripping off now seems to be the activity du jour. Hip models such as Daisy Lowe and Lily Cole have posed starkers in recent years and events like the Naked Bike Ride held in Brighton and London amass much media attention and are hugely popular with people that appear to have been just desperate to strip off in public.

Maryland pool becomes hot spot for nude swimmers

Davidsonville, Md. (AP) -- The pool is the hot spot at the Maryland Health Society. And members don't worry about tan lines. MaHeSo, as members call it, is a nudist club. Lifeguard Teasa McClure says "it sure is great" not have to wear anything in the pool. But she tells a local paper (The Capital of Annapolis) she goes through a lot of sunscreen.