Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Naturism Is More Than Nudity

There is something about baring it all, baring one’s soul that is liberating. If once really listens to the inner voices that show up in the outer world as feelings and emotions, then life somehow begins to make more sense and one feels more connected with life. Strange how it is through the outer world that one finds a way to an rich inner world in which long hidden questions and answers begin to

So, how does this work in terms of naturism? Well, naturism is only one of the many paths one can follow to find this inner world. With naturism, there is a rediscovery of the body and all of its hidden parts, denied parts. To be able to really look at one’s own body seeing the few (or more) extra pounds, the skin blemishes, the imperfection in terms of body symmetry and then accept these things as okay is a good start. However, one must be careful not to fall into a
trap of focusing on the external body.

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