Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nudist Resort Etiquette: Top 4 Tips To make You a Classy Nudist

Everything, everywhere and every place has protocols to follow. Nudist resorts aren’t any different. It’s one thing to go free and shed your clothes in the name of pure freedom but it’s another thing to be all goofy on a nudist resort and embarrass yourself (and your family or friends, if they accompany you). Here are at least four tips to make sure you get the etiquette part right and enjoy yourself instead of embarrassing yourself:

There are boundaries there, even if it doesn’t appear to be so

Yes, it’s a nudist resort and there’s no stopping you from shedding your clothes and going naked. There are, however, clear boundaries. Even if it appears to be a free for all, check the fine print of your admission ticket or ask someone. Most nudist camps and resorts do have clear rules for you to follow. The guidelines are often strict and are developed that way for a reason. Be aware of them; You don’t want to make a fool of yourself.

No photos, absolutely

Most nudist resorts will check your baggage for cameras or disallow you from using cameras. Photography isn’t allowed. Never do the mistake of thinking that you can roam free and shoot pictures of anyone you like just because they are naked. It’s a fact that they are naked and they are under the impression that everyone there respects privacy. Don’t be the only one to breach this trust.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Average breast cup size in the world

Nudity: The Health Benefits of Being Naked - Female Naturist

The Sun

There shelves full of sun screen products in many stores because you hear about how bad the sun is for you. You hear about how damaging the sun can be to your skin. The sun can cause discomfort at least and skin cancer at worse. The truth is the sun is good for you and have some good benefits for your body, particularly in the production of Vitamin D and mentally also.

Nudity and Air

Many people don't think of it but like you feet needing to breathe, so does the rest of the skin on your body. Exposing yourself to the open air (of course in the privacy of your own home) is always a good idea. Allow your body to breathe and cool itself in the open air in your home. This will work wonders for your skin staying health.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Although Thailand outlaws public nudity, people can legally shed their clothes at private resorts. Wanna-be naturalists sometimes worry that having an imperfect body prohibits them from enjoying a clothing-optional vacation. However, nudist resorts allow people to relax in their natural state without fear of judgment. The naturalist concept doesn't endorse overt sexual behavior---just a relaxed state of nude being.


Chan Home and Resort

At the Chan Resort, the pool and area around your villa is clothing-optional. Property features include cable television, a refrigerator, kitchen area, free wireless Internet and swimming pool. Guests stay in one-bedroom villas that include a living room and porches. They also receive breakfast. The Chan Resort is located in Pattaya, a coastal town about two hours from Bangkok. A Thai family owns it.

Chan Resort

391/98 Thap Phraya Road, Soi 15


Chomburi 201510, Thailand


Phuket Island Villa

This privately owned one bedroom villa on the island of Phuket sleeps two. The villa offers a secluded sunbathing area and pool, and the property owners have a boat in which they can show you the island, pointing out snorkeling hot spots. Phuket offers beaches, golf and eco-adventures in tropical forests. Several restaurants also lie within walking distance from the villa, owned by a pair from the United Kingdom.

Phuket Island Villa


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why topless and nude sunbathing should now become common

With so many states legalizing gay marriage, and so many men in touch with their feminine side, how long before the United States legalizes topless and nude beaches? The reason is many woman can now feel safe knowing most males will not try to pick them up or bother them while nude or topless sunbathing. I believe this is how it became common in Europe, just take a look at all the guys in Speedos over there! There is also a long tradition in the West of admiring the nude human body, since at least the statue of David, but also going back to the original Greek Olympics. Movie stars and other celebrities can't wait to show off their sheer dresses, side boob, cleavage, or window boob, side butt, etc. And when on vacation even the British love to sunbathe topless, remember Kate Middleton's topless pictures. So I think we're ready, ready to enjoy this short life we've been given to its fullest! Nudism is about freedom, not sex, and as this becomes common knowledge the US can finally begin to accept and tolerate the nudist lifestyle.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let's Get Naked

We enter the world without clothing so why not live life with out them too? We examine what life is like being a nudist with those who believe it's better wearing your birthday suit.