Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top 10 Best Nude Beaches

Nude sunbathing has long been a cherished all-American tradition, from Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn cavorting in their birthday suits to Norman Rockwell's idyllic portraits of youngsters splashing at the swimming hole. Today stripping down is increasingly popular and accepted; financially strapped municipalities have even discovered that going topless – and more – improves the bottom line. Psychological studies show that shedding clothes and inhibitions in a non-judgmental environment can decrease stress and improve self-esteem.

Just remember some bare necessities. Naturists are not exhibitionists; they believe literally getting back to nature promotes interpersonal acceptance and enhances comfort within one's own skin. Show respect and practice etiquette. While there's no denying the scenery can be eye-catching in more ways than one, gawking is gauche, as is snapping away on your mobile (at least ask permission!). Observe common beach courtesy: clean up your mess, don't assume that nude equals lewd, cover up before leaving the clothing-optional section, and keep your hands (and comments) to yourself. Most nude beaches are family-friendly, with their own advocacy groups who throw parties, volunteer to clean up litter, and handle harassers; indeed naturists are often better behaved than their clothed beachcombing brethren. Unless the beach advertises amenities, bring your own water, food, towels (always put something between your assets and the ground), etc. Foremost, know the law, which varies from state to state, even town to town. Look for (and obey) signage.

We have the skinny on the best skinny dipping spots in the U.S.: Don't forget your sunscreen!

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