Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nude is Normal

Continuing his innocent indulgence for fun, quirky and intriguing moviemaking, Lundy intends on filming 100 women in various countries for “Naked Conversations with Nude Women” to explore circulating theories suggesting the world is on a gradual shift toward a matriarchal society. The film promises to depict nude women so as to symbolize their maternal natures, imbedded in their psyches by dint of gender. Lundy feels strongly that this visual and narrative approach will work well within this cinematographic concept to be captivating and unique, and positively inspirational to the widest possible audience.

Most importantly, depicting nude women is yet another step in promoting his ‘nude is normal’ ideology, a lifelong oath for Lundy. Lundy hopes his film will beam a vital metaphor deep into the subconscious: woman the creator, woman as mother nature, as the Gaia goddess, as the symbol of fertility from which all life emerges and is continued.

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