Thursday, April 28, 2011

Britons admit to nude sunbathing on holiday

In light of a previous study, conducted by, that revealed women are more comfortable sunbathing topless on a cruise liner than on a dry land holidays, the independent cruise comparison site asked British holiday makers their attitudes on nudist beaches and sunbathing nude.

Initially, the respondents were asked ‘Have you ever sunbathed nude whilst on holiday?’ to which 9% of total respondents answered ‘yes.’ Of the respondents who admitted to sunbathing nude on holiday over half, 52%, said they did so when on a cruising holiday.

The respondents who admitted to sunbathing nude were subsequently asked why this was the case. A fifth, 21%, said that they visited ‘secure, isolated beaches’ at some point on their cruise holiday which led them to sunbathing with no clothes on.


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