Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inside Britain's first naturist hotel and spa

The Birmingham suburb of Erdington isn’t the first place that springs to mind as a nudist's paradise. But according to the owner of Britain's first naturist spa hotel, it’s the perfect spot.

‘We’ve had a bit of stick for the location,’ Tim Higgs says in reference to those who dismiss Birmingham as ‘wet and miserable’. 'But naturism in Britain is largely an indoor event, especially if you want it 365 days a year. British weather is unreliable wherever you are.'

The luxury naturist holiday spot opened its doors earlier this year and, despite the less-than-exotic environs, its clothes-free visitors have unanimously given it the thumbs up.

Guests rave about the cleanliness, the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly staff. Many have already returned more than once.

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