Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hundreds Of Mothers Breastfeed In Front Of Shoppers

Hoping to raise awareness of breastfeeding, a bold group of mothers accompanied by their partners, bared their breasts at a major shopping centre today. Over a hundred mothers belonging to all age groups, stunned shoppers at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, by descending on it and breast feeding in front of them, for promoting the start of National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, backed by the NHS.

Highlighting the health benefits of breast feeding, the proud mothers in full view of customers sitting in the shopping centre cafes bared all.

One of the stunned onlookers remarked it was not every day one saw so many breasts on display whilst shopping, but he fully the group in trying to get their message about the benefits of breast feeding across in an unusual manner.

The National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2011 running from Sunday 19th June to Saturday 25th June, not only has the backing of the NHS Infant Breastfeeding Services, but also the Trafford Centre that only recently refurbished its breastfeeding facilities for shoppers.

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