Monday, February 6, 2012

Nude Beaches Within The Uk

Many people discover naturism on a beach on holiday, but there are plenty of places around our beautiful coastline to stretch out on the sand and get an all-over tan.

Whilst it is perfectly legal to strip off on any beach, the law of the land works in such a way that all manner of legislation can be applied to the naked sunbather if complaints are received. Many naturists quietly minding their own business in an out of the way spot have suffered from this when discovered by a prudish member of the public.

However, nude use of some beaches has received the sanction of the landowner or local authority and those are therefore considered to be “official” beaches. We have marked them as such in the list. Because of the official designation and the fact that warning signs are erected, naturists’ enjoyment should not be spoiled by anyone - and we can take action against any non-naturists who disturb us.

From the excellent site from the UK iNaked, click here

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