Saturday, August 9, 2014

Curvy model's nude stance on sexualisation

Excerpt from article

Of course the busy backdrop meant the glares and stares from rubbernecking residents at the models uncovered girl curves were totally understandable but when asked if anyone seemed overtly offended by her display of womanhood the model says "not a single one".

The portraits, snapped by New York based photographer JD Forte, depict the size 14 model in various states of undress from topless to fully nude.

The former Melbournian says the project is intended to be a comment on gender inequality which Valdes says is still rampant in New York City even though it is commonly considered the epicentre of modern civilization.

"A man can walk down the street with his chest seen and you wouldn't blink an eye and say to your friends 'Well that’s sacred and he should cover up his chest for his partner'. You don’t say that," she says emphatically.

"Women have been objectified and banned, shamed or made to feel like its taboo to show themselves because we are an item to be sexually desired and nothing more."

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Go Topless Day occurs in Vancouver on August 24

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