Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women strut their stuff for Boobquake

Dubbed Boobquake, McCreight encouraged women around the world to flaunt their breasts and their cleavage to prove the Iranian clerics wrong. She even came up with some cleavage-flaunting T-shirts that she was selling for charity with messages that read: “Boobquake 2010: Who says science has to be boring?” and “Boobquake 2010: Did the Earth move for you?”

But the truth is on any given day there is seismic activity. Did Boobquake have any effect on the earth? Apparently not.

According to the United States Geological Survey website there were 45 earthquakes worldwide as of Monday evening, including a 6.5-magnitude earthquake southeast of Taiwan and a 5.4 near the South Sandwich Islands region. In fact, over the last six days the number of earthquakes has ranged from 41 to 48.

According to the website, on Sunday, April 25, there were 45 earthquakes, including a 5.7 near the South Sandwich Islands Region, and a 5.0 in Tonga. On Saturday, there were 38 earthquakes, and on Friday there were 45.


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