Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adriatic coast in Croatia - Oasis and cradle of naturism

Foreign media often describe Croatia as a 'naturist paradise', it is therefore not surprising that CNN named island of Rab top destination for nudists.

All those who believe that Croatia is a conservative country, will be surprised at the fact that the Adriatic coast is one of the most tolerant naturist destinations in the world, and Rab island  cradle of naturist tourism.

Naturism in Croatia dates back in 1936, when the first naturist beach on the island of Rab was opened - Paradise Beach.

Nude bathing season on Rab was opened by British king Edward VIII, who several months later became the first king who abdicated for the love of divorced American Wallis Simpson. It is the island of Rab that was on CNN's list of the ten top destinations for nudists.

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