Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nudists Open Their Homes to Budget-Minded Travelers

Those looking for a nudist-friendly environment have a variety of groups from which to choose — not just Clothing Optional, but also Naked at Home, Freedom for Nudity, Nudist Lifestyle and nakedveganpotsmokingcyclists, among others. By designating their homes as nudist-friendly spaces, members of these groups provide travelers with temporary havens from the tyranny of fabric and public nudity laws. More important, perhaps, from the hosts’ viewpoint, they are taking the intimacy of couch surfing to an extreme, bringing the unguarded ethos of the nudist camp into their homes.

More than 1,100 people belong to the Clothing Optional group, which is exactly what it sounds like: people who may or may not choose to be naked, but are open to the option. The group’s goal is not to cater exclusively to nudists but, in the words of the CouchSurfing mission statement, to “create inspiring experiences.” For Clothing Optional hosts and couch surfers, that means that being open-minded is as important as being naked.

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