Saturday, June 19, 2010

The history of nudity and fresh air in Germany

Freikorperkulture (FKK) or Free Body Culture was founded in Germany in 1903 by Heinrich Pudor, a one time advocate of freedom who then turned nationalist. Nudity became an expression of the freedom of spirit and body. FKK is a phenomenon known especially in northern Europe but it has also taken hold in many other countries. Surprisingly FKK also has a long tradition even in the generally considered prudish United States.

Due to the squalid conditions of many of the late nineteenth century buildings in Berlin FKK was a serious attempt for people to enjoy the outdoors in style. It offered the masses the possibility of light and movement; nakedness and freedom; all for the price of one entry ticket. Gymnastics was also done naked; in fact the first part of the word goes back to its Greek root, gymnos,meaning naked.

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