Sunday, June 13, 2010

Miami World Naked Bike Ride

Nude Against Crude: Naked Bike Ride Protests Spill

If you drove over the Venetian Causeway this afternoon and came upon a barrage of naked bicyclists, you weren't to panic: it's for the birds.

Organizers of the Miami jaunt of the World Naked Bike Ride say their pedaling sans coulottes is less about doffing their tops and bottoms, and more a "labor of love" to protest the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by promoting independence from oil and car culture.

"Miami World Naked Bike Ride provides a platform for the members of this community to channel all this in a genius, positive, creative, ridiculous and slightly subversive way," wrote Miriam Cruz, head of the bare-as-you-dare endeavor.

"There is value to exercising our right to peaceful protest. At the very least it will inspire others to do the same, at its very best it will draw us together as a community, show us that we have heart, and help create the bonds that will help heal us a little."

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