Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting facts from the history of family nudist people

The first nude beach in England was opened in 1979 on August, 9. Initially, the first family naturism society was registered in 1893. The word nudism derives from the French word ‘nu’ which means ‘nude’. By the way, some nudists prefer to be called naturists. The founders of the movement were Germans Heinrich Pudor and Richard Ingavitter. They were the promoters of being closer to nature, healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits like smoking vegetarianism, and fitness. They assumed family naturism to be a form of democracy. Indeed, with no clothing means no social stratification and prejudice. In post-revolutionary Russia nude people used to walk down the streets waving banners that went like Down with Timidity! In the 20s of XX century Russian delegations were the largest among international family nudist delegations during conferences, but in 1936 nudism was officially banned by USSR law. In 1953 UNESCO sprang out International family nudist federation which is now joined by more than 30 countries. Russia joined the Federation in 1995. Ever since then there are several independent nudity societies in Russia that have rather tense relationships between them. They still cannot come clear upon some essential matters like which of them is more naturalistic and nudistic. At the same time rank people who prefer sunbathing in swimsuits and swim trunks are scornfully referred to as ‘swimsuit wearers’. By the way, there are also the so called barefooters – those are the people whose attitude towards footwear is similar to that of nudists towards clothing items. They prefer stay barefooted as it is healthier, nicer and more fun, etc. Some of them are family naturism followers who state that one cannot be considered naked unless they are barefoot.

From the very beginning Europe had an overall favorable attitude towards family nudist movement, and authorities tried to assign separate coastline territories to nude swimmers. Things were more complicated in America, where nudists appeared only in the 20s of XX century and haven’t ceased to complain about discrimination until that day. According to the officials of International Naturism Federation, nudism forms a healthier attitude towards human body and conditions a deeper self-awareness of a society unit. Eliminating the last artificial barrier between man and nature, nudism not only creates the backgrounds for increased intersexual sincerity and openness, but weakens the ways of sexual segregation that infuses our society at the same time, thus forming human solidarity factors. Nudism is a great stimulus for working on one’s body, for the necessity to undress brings the necessity to be more physically cultured.
Russian law hasn’t got a single act prohibiting or limiting the freedom of staying nude outdoors. As a matter of fact, should some legal misunderstandings arouse, police and courts are guided by their set logics and their own common sense. The extreme measure that can be implied to a nude troublemaker trying to bathe in a city fountain is disorderly conduct charge.

It needs to be mentioned, however, that the rules in family naturism organizations are quite rigid. People act with expressed dignity and politeness. One is not allowed to drink alcohol. Family nudism is encouraged in many ways; married couples can only be registered with their spouses. By the way, one does not need to stay nude all the time on a nude beach. Common sense comes first, so during noon hours only daredevils won’t shield themselves from sun effects. And a bit of ‘nude’ humor in conclusion: keep in mind that nudists are not afraid of pick-pockets, and nudist costume fits everyone!


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