Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being nude: Nothing unnatural about it

New Delhi : Kedar Ramanathan brightens up at the prospect of finding himself alone at home. He slips out of his clothes, brews himself some coffee and turns on the music. He roams around the house naked, taking pleasure in just being in his own skin.

While many would view his activities as kinky and bordering on sexual perversion, Pune-based Ramanathan doesn't actually have sex on his mind.

Far from it, being in the buff is his way of feeling free, shedding both physical and emotional baggage and being close to nature. He is a naturist, or in other words a nudist.

Naturism is a way of life that advocates practising nudism - both in private and public - without indulging in any sexual activities.

A fairly popular concept in the US, Britain, Canada and Thailand, a regular nudist meet abroad has both men and women engaging in any activity - from cooking to cycling to sunbathing - with only one precondition, everyone should be naked.

However, timid first-timers can be allowed to turn up fully-clothed to get used to the nudity around them. No one stares, no one gets erotic ideas. The whole idea is to have a friendly get-together -- sans clothes.

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