Saturday, November 5, 2011

Testimonies: First experience at a nude resort

I had never at this point in my life, intentionally stripped off and fully exposed myself to not only the suns rays but also the beams of everyone else who populated the beach. I grabbed a long chair, dragged it down to waters edge, bore my soul and began to relax. Within minutes the whole drama, the whole heart-pounding anxiety that I had earlier felt had completely dissipated. Nude seemed totally natural and the sense that everyone was going to sneak a peek was completely unfounded. The only one doing that was me! I was amazed though; I have to tell you. The stereotype for Hedonism envelopes the old, the flabby, the red-neck. Those people that we in the civilized world consider to be less. To have morals and shapes that are all bent and twisted. This could not have been more wrong.

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