Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is why we fight

Some people have asked why there has to be an "-ism" around being nude. Why isn't being nude enough just by itself? Why does there need to be a movement behind it? Simply put, nudity can't defend itself. We need people to stand up for nudity; to advocate for it; to calmly and patiently explain why it's not evil or sinful or otherwise bad.

Because otherwise, we get stories like this. To say that Lindsay Lohan's career has been a train wreck is an insult to both trains and wrecks; it's been a complete and utter disaster. She needs something to get back in the public eye. Someone has apparently convinced her that posing in Playboy would do the trick, and so that's what she's doing. Even though she said back in 2005 that she'd never do such a thing. What a difference six years of self-destruction make, eh?

Here's a few things that come to mind about this. One: Magazines like Playboy, and far more pornographic stuff, exist because of the attitude our society holds around nudity. The textile world attaches all these taboos to the nude body, making it either something to be lusted after (for the "beautiful" bodies) or something to be shamed and hidden (for the rest of us.) There's no room in this mindset for the healthy appreciation and celebration of the body that is naturism. And that's why, instead of being a completely uninteresting career decision by a now B-list actress, this is such big news.

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