Saturday, October 26, 2013

Can We Ever Really Love Our Body?

My sister was discussing my site with me the other morning and she said something like “Well, it’s not like a person ever really learns to love their body? They just kinda convince themselves they do, right?” And my answer was, “No. That’s not right. That might be the first step. But, you CAN actually learn to love your body. I mean we learned to not love it in the first place, so we can undo that.” Here’s what I mean.
Yes You Can

I truly believe that you CAN learn to love your body. Like any long term mature love, it is something that will have cycles, ups and downs, and most of the time not giving it a whole lot of thought. But if someone were to ask you about your long-term love, you would answer, “Yes. Of course I love my body.”
Defining Loving Your Body

Loving your body is not arrogance.

It is not conceit.

It is not feeling superior to others.

Loving your body is kindness. Loving your body is appreciation. Loving your body is compassion for “imperfections.” Loving your body is adopting humor in place of anger.

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