Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nudist, Naturist Or Clothes Free?

What exactly is the difference between a nudist and a naturist? For the most part, the terms are used interchangeably, although there is some debate over nuances of meaning. The generally accepted distinction between the two terms is that "naturist" has more of a philosophical and political connotation than "nudist." Both nudists and naturists may enjoy nudity as part of an everyday lifestyle. Someone who identifies as a nudist but not as a naturist may view nudity as a leisurely pursuit or as a facet of his/her lifestyle that is not grounded in any particular philosophical belief. Someone who identifies as a naturist may have specific convictions that nude recreation promotes body acceptance and self esteem. People who identify as naturists have been the most active in advocating legal statuses for nude beaches and often work tirelessly to oppose anti-nudity legislation.

These nudist/naturist distinctions are not precise, and some people are not satisfied with either term. Must a person who enjoys sunbathing naked on the beach be labeled one way or another? Is a person who is perfectly comfortable soaking naked in natural hot springs necessarily going to be comfortable standing in line naked waiting for a serving of coleslaw at a nudist potluck? Perhaps it is the implication that nudists or naturists live naked as much as possible that some people find not to be indicative of their nude recreational pursuits. Sure, some people hang around the house in the buff all day, but we guess that most people you'll find sunbathing naked on a beach on a given afternoon are probably not naked around the dinner table later that evening.

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