Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Benefits of Naturism - New Zealand Naturist Federation

Some excerpts, much more at the link below.

Sun exposure and vitamin D

Naturism has many health benefits, despite the negative publicity on the risk of skin cancer from too much sun exposure. It is a known fact that sun burn leads to skin cancer but not sun EXPOSURE.

Mental health

Being naked outdoors on a sunny day isn't sexual, but it is sensual – a delight to your senses – creating a feeling of well-being. We all know how invigorating the sun can be and how depressed we feel in the winter, during days and days of cloud and rain. It even has a name – SAD (seasonal affective disorder). We all appreciate the warmth of the sun on our bodies when wearing clothes. Imagine the feeling when the whole body is exposed to the sun – totally naked. Naturism allows us to feel the breeze over the whole body and the cool grass under our feet. Add swimming without clammy togs into the mix, and you get a total stimulation of the tactile (touch) senses. Without clothing, you have improved blood circulation in your skin and nerve endings which gives a feeling of well-being. Unless you have tried it, it's hard to believe how much more alive being totally naked can make you feel.

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