Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#OpenMinday @Ladygod1va and naturism

My wife’s contact was originally a blogger who calls herself Lady God1va, and you can read her blog here – Obviously, this might not be strictly safe for work.

She asks a great deal of questions that I couldn’t go into detail here, about women in naturism, about how to improve the image of British naturism, about how the reactions of others make it difficult to live what is, effectively, a harmless choice of life.

For my own part, I’m still conflicted. The whole last month and a half has raised questions in me about what it means to be yourself, to expect others to respect your choices, and what responsibility we hold to ‘edit’ or self-modify in order to prevent other people’s choices being affected or taken away from them.

Should people walk around naked? I’m unsure. I know that I wasn’t offended by the naked ramblers, the naked woman, even though they were by no means attractive to me. But they raised a lot of questions about how I view the body and about sexuality. So should we all walk around naked? Or should we just respect those who discover that shedding clothes allows them to wholly possess their own identities?

If I were to choose to be offended by someone’s nakedness I can be. But then who is responsible for me being offended? I’m finding it hard to argue that it’s anyone’s responsibility to carry, understand and address other than my own.

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  1. I thought it was a good perspective on naturism/nudism from someone who is not a nudist. I like that he was able to question his attitudes about the body and his response as to who is responsible for one's being offended.


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