Friday, December 23, 2011

Is Pubic Hair Coming Back Into Fashion?

New pictures of Dutch model Saskia De Brauw in vintage Versace jewelry, stilettos, and nothing else, shot for the magazine Industrie are notable for one thing: they actually show her pubic hair. While toplessness is practically a staple of fashion photography, a frank depiction of pubic hair — or even just the acknowledgement of pubic hair's existence — had become a sort of oughts-age taboo.

This year's Pirelli Calendar, which Mario Sorrenti turned into a 24-oversized-page celebration of the male gaze, was obviously rife with full-frontal nudity. But at the key moment, a funny kind of modesty prevails: here a wrist obscures Lara Stone's crotch, there a shadow falls over Kate Moss's, and there the soaking wet white garment that fully reveals the shape of Isabeli Fontana's areolas pulls discreetly, and opaquely, away. Everything gets slightly blurry at the crucial cleft. From the waist down, these women are all shown to be about as featureless as Barbie. De Brauw, coincidentally, also posed for Sorrenti's calendar: her shots betray no hint of the hair Industrie was apparently comfortable enough to let her rock.

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