Sunday, December 11, 2011

Enjoying Nudity

My blog promotes health, and the appreciation and normalization of nudity. I'm a thinker and I have been thinking about nudity for over three decades. Here are a few thoughts:

1) Nudity should be enjoyed outside of the sexual context.

2) Nudity can be both good and bad. As for me, I'll chose healthy nudity.

3) I appreciate not only extremely beautiful people when nude, but also normal people doing everyday things naked and unashamed. You will see that I often post pictures of ordinary people; people who do not have "perfect" bodies but overcome that to be comfortable sharing their nudity with others.

4) I often wonder why is it that views of male and female nudity are so different. It seems women and men both seem to appreciate the female nude, but the not the male nude. Why is it that the male nude is usually associated homosexuality or used a pro for a photo featuring a nude female?

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  1. Well said, I too chose healthy Nudity. Why is the female nude more appreciated than the male, maybe its an issue of power. Creco/Roman nude statues were symbolic of the power of the male, maybe its still a fallout of that symbolism that females are now more appreciated.

  2. Right on with all four points. I'm totally with you. I have no problem with people of any body types enjoying nudity. We have our bodies, and we should enjoy them. I do also find it a little bothersome that male nudity gets used for comedy and female nudity for sex. Why also can movies show more female nudity than male? And, why do we care if it is associated with homosexuality? Shouldn't our society be past that?


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