Saturday, October 15, 2011

City officials reach deal with nude body-painter

Under an agreement approved by city lawyers and prosecutors, Golub will be allowed to paint topless, but not bottomless, women all day long -- subject to any crowd control issues.

Full public nudity is allowed in New York city, so long as it is part of a play, performance, exhibition or show. And the city has no law specifically banning nude body painting. But city officials can set what are called time, place and manner restrictions, banning nudity, for instance, at times or places when very young children might see it, Kuby explained.

As a compromise, the city has agreed to leave painters of nude bodies alone so long as the models don't go bottomless before sunset, he said, an accommodation tailor made for Golub, who has continued to ply his odd art niche at Zuccotti Park, where paint-thirsty protesters are stripping for his brush left and right.

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