Saturday, October 15, 2011

The plastic surgery a model needs to look like Barbie

We know that Barbies body is anatomically impossible. So why are we still trying for it?
Every day a new plastic surgery promise emerges: scooped-out backs, rear-end lifts, sculpted kneecaps. If it’s possible, it’s suddenly necessary.

But what exactly would you have to go through to get the 'perfect' Barbie body? In the latest issue of O Magazine, model Katie Halchishick becomes the human diagram.

Posing for photographer Matthew Rolston, her glamorous, Marilyn Monroe-type features are surgically outlined according to Barbie's proportions.

Here’s a breakdown of what she'd need done to be the kind of doll women aspire to: a brow lift, a jaw line shave, rhinoplasty, a cheek and neck reduction, a chin implant, scooped-out shoulders, a breast lift, liposuction on her arms, and tummy tuck, which would also have to be sculpted as if it were lined in whale-bone from the inside. And that’s just the half of her.

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  1. Barbiephilia (new word) is a typical third millennium obsessive compulsive disorder with image, like obsessions with sex, materialism, gambling etc. Overemphasis on outward appearance is compensated by neglect of inward qualities such as personality and intelligence. Hence the epithet "dumb blondes"!

    Funny though, people have often called me the perfect Ken doll! I would hope that does NOT refer to said personality or intelligence. LOL!


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