Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grow up, America

Jaimie O’Neill feels that it is important to point out how upset we should be about butt-naked men in San Francisco, where he lived “two decades ago.” Really? His sad assumption is that all of the people that he saw were gay. However, many heterosexuals are using the lack of nudity laws in S. F. to go “au naturel.”

Besides, I have been more often offended by the lack of “decorum” at our local Walmart (see, and that is not in Sin City.

More seriously, I must point out that it would be a fair comparison if we saw the following article in a Saudi Arabian newspaper: “Women seen in public, driving their own car and not wearing a burka.” Using O’Neill’s own words, “Call me insufferably intolerant, call me old-fashioned, but in this particular dust-up I’m siding with the people who have the right not to view” … your female body without the burka driving a car.

See how this plays out? If societies are going to evolve and allow for true human freedom, we have to allow for some bumps on the road. Without them, we are just as repressive as any dictatorship. You know, the US of A really does need to grow up.

Robert Zadra


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  1. For those who have a problem with nudity, my advice is to wear clothes. I don't always like some of the absurd features of your wardrobe, but I don't bemoan your right to wear garments.


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