Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nudism embraced by younger generation

Phillip and Cora have been participating in social nudism for only a few months, although Cora says she started exploring nudism as a teenager at home and she and Phillip have been "closet nudists" together since they got married over a year ago.

"I still feel rather limited in my nudism experience," says Phillip. "Cora has done this much more than me."
However, making the jump from the "textile world" to the world of nudism wasn't that hard of a leap for Phillip.

"He's very accepting of everyone. Period," says Cora. "He's never been one to judge based on appearance or beliefs."

"Cora, on the other hand," says Phillip, "has always enjoyed being naked, and social nudism has given her a way to meet like-minded people."

Cora says that for her, nudism is an escape from the stress of day-to-day life.

"There is nothing more freeing, more relaxing, than being naked, especially being naked outside. When I take those clothes off, my stress goes with them and I feel like I can breathe again, even if only for an afternoon. It's therapeutic."

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