Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nudism 101: What is nudism?

Here are five (5) categories for nudism:
1.       Researching-there is an interest in being socially nude but these people want to make sure they will be safe in a nudist environment and comfortable with body issues before taking the plunge.
2.       Part time at home-these people will walk around the house nude at some point but quickly dress when someone enters the room or they start to feel uncomfortable without clothes on.
3.       Full time at home-they feel comfortable being nude at home-either alone or around family and friends; but have not made the decision to interact nude with people they do not know.
4.       Part time in public-these social nudists will only go bare occasionally for a weekend or nakation (nude vacation) and usually it’s in a location far from their home (just in case they might meet someone they know).
5.       Full time in public-being without textiles is a must with these nudists. Of course they do, on occasion, put on clothes when needed (i.e. during cold weather, going shopping, or going on trips where nudity is unlawful)

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